Important Property Tax Information

Senior Exemption Now Automatically Renews

Cook County homeowners no longer will have to apply every year for the Senior Exemption. Governor Pritzker recently signed into law bill HB2185 which provides that a taxpayer who has been granted a senior citizens exemption need not reapply for that exemption.

Cook County was the only county in Illinois where senior homeowners were forced by law to reapply annually for this property tax break.

Seniors not currently receiving the exemption, and those who turn 65 in 2019, must apply for the exemption in 2020. The exemption will then automatically renew each year. Seniors with the exemption currently in place will renew automatically.

Senior Freeze Exemption

The requirements of the Senior Freeze remain unchanged; the property owner must reapply for this exemption each year.
Senior freeze renewal application were mailed out January 13, 2020.  Senior Freeze renewals are due February 13, 2020.

Disability Exemption Renewal Forms

Disabled Homeowner/Disabled Veteran’s renewal application will be mailed to the homeowner at the beginning of February 2020.  Those applications will be due sometime in March 2020.