Pavilion Rental

The Bloom Township resident must sign the contract, be there the day of the event, and be the person to sign the park sign out form. deposit must be returned to this person. 

Pavilion Rental Prices

  • Prices include pavilion rental only.
  • Swimming fees are paid the day of your event and are $10 per person for pool and slide for the day. Children aged 4 and under are free.
  • Swim suits are required for entry into pool, this does not include street clothes, basketball shorts, or undergarments
  • Non-swimmers can enter the facility with a non-swimming wrist band at no cost to watch or supervise.
Main pavilion150 people$200
Pavilion 1100 people$150
Pavilion 2100 people$150
Pavilion 3100 people$150
Pavilion 4150 people$200

Picnic Deposits

All picnics must also put down a $100 deposit due with full payment upon contract approval from management. This deposit will be returned to you within 2 weeks of your picnic when all rules and regulations have been followed, and your entire party has exited the facility by 7 p.m.

Other Information

  • Pavilions include electricity.
  • There is running water throughout the park.
  • No disc jockeys are permitted in the park for individually rented pavilions, you must rent the entire park in order to have a disc jockey.
  • Do not bring large speaker systems or microphones, or you and your party will be asked to leave. Music can be played but should not be heard outside your pavilion area.
  • Parking is allowed in designated parking spots only. Parking is available in our West lot, and overflow parking in our East lot behind the water slide. Any cars parked in non designated parking spots (grass, and gravel drive) will be towed.
  • No fireworks of any kind.